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Clicking on the folders or text in the left window will help you to find your product images. If folders appear in the middle window, you may click them too. When you are at the bottom (product) layer of folders, click on the stock number to see thumbnails (if you don't drill down deep enough into the folders, you will not get image results in the main window.) If you know exactly what you´re looking for, you can search by specific stock number in the search window. Your search will only return results within the folder you have selected.


When you find an image you want to download, click on the shopping cart icon to add to your cart or right click > "save target as" on either the "web ready jpg" or "full size jpg" icon to immediately save an image to your computer. ( By adding images to your cart, you will be given other file options on checkout.) When you have found all of the images you need, press the "get images" button. You will have the option of downloading your images as several different file types, sizes, resolutions, and color settings. The file downloader will prompt you for where to save these files. Once you are done hit the "all done" button and you are all done!